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Blue Lives Matter is a book that explores the line-of-duty deaths suffered by the law enforcement “blue” family. This book examines the deaths of eight police officers and one police canine in Los Angeles County. The chapters portray the fallen officers and the canine as true heroes who each made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their community. The cases include the murder of two officers solved over 40 years later; an officer murdered in front of his young son; two officers kidnapped and taken to an onion field where one officer is executed; an undercover officer murdered during a multi-million dollar drug transaction; an off-duty officer murdered by two gang members while riding his bicycle; and a cop-killer who fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution.

Co-authors Steve Cooley and Bob Schirn discuss each case in detail. Each chapter discusses the incident that cost the officer his life. The court proceedings are reviewed, including victim impact testimony of the effect of the officer’s death on family members and fellow officers. A Lessons Learned segment in each chapter is designed to increase officer safety and awareness of dangerous situations.

Steve Cooley is a career prosecutor who served three full terms as the District Attorney of Los Angeles County. He was a reserve police officer for LAPD. He is uniquely positioned to discuss his involvement in each case and eminently qualified to provide perspectives and opinions on each case.

This limited edition of Blue Lives Matter is only available for a short time. It features a special foreword from the founder of Under The Shield, Susan Simons.

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Our Mission

Our goal at Under the Shield is to meet the “unique” needs of law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical service, military personnel and their family members by providing support through confidential services, educationand public awareness. Military and emergency services such as law enforcement statistically lead our society in suicide, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, divorce, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These statistics are indicative of the serious lack of support and resources for law enforcement personnel and their families. Thus, the necessity for the creation of Under the Shield.

What We Offer

  • Stress Coaching

    Instruction and services are provided on an individual, family and/or group basis.  At times, emergency personnel require services and support on a variety of levels. Programs of instruction are developed on a client by client basis, with a variety of avenues or options available.


  • Training

    Susan has provided training seminars and programs since 1994 for various state, local and federal law enforcement agencies as well as fire and EMS, focusing on stress management and critical incident response and reactions. Training information can be found on our event page and are also cross posted onto our facebook page. For more information, please visit the events page or contact us at 855.655.9775.


  • Non Profit and Confidential

    Susan was recently interviewed at Shot Show by John with active self protection and talks about the benefits and uses for Under the Shield and our services. Under the Shield is a 501(c)(3) registered non profit with the state of Arizona.


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Kitty Ellis   

I am the Training Coordinator for our local Police Department and I want to share that my department officers, their significant others and my city of Pueblo, Colorado benefited TREMENDOUSLY from the "Warrior Survival At Home And On The Street" training! Now, more than ever, law enforcement needs to utilize the necessary tools to survive on the streets AND at home! Our relationships are very important and our loved ones must be included in our lives! I would highly suggest you get in contact with Susan Lewis Simons and schedule a training class for your officers AND their significant others! I can't thank Susan and Under The Shield enough for bringing this valuable training to our law enforcement family!

Terry Blankenship   

I’ve attended conferences and heard Susan speak but it wasn’t until I needed her services that I completely grasped what her program is about. Susan and UNDER THE SHIELD don’t just talk a big game, they deliver. I am also a regular user of both the Stress Away and Sleep Away supplements that Susan helped to develop. Susan, Law Enforcement in Alabama miss you, Stay Safe !!!!!!!!!!!

Lt. Steve Watkins   

Susan has had her hands full with me both from my shooting incident in 2003 and from my personal issues. She has the unique ablity to allow you to see things you never would without her *istance, yet tells you they were there the entire time. We may argues alot of the time but at least you paint the real picture. Thank you for all your help, wisdom, and caring.

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Our Team

  • Lt. Dave Grossman


    Lt. Col Dave Grossman is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier and speaker who is one of the world’s most foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime.

  • Michael Kent Neal


    Mike Neal Arkansas Wildlife Officer, International Law Enforcement Officer of the year 2011 and one of the most highly decorated law enforcement officers in this country. His quick and decisive actions ended the killing spree in West Memphis Arkansas after the Sovereign Citizens murdered two interdiction officers. His vital training is already saving officer’s lives all across the United States. Mike is known for his trademark “NOT TODAY”!

  • Susan Simons


    Susan Simons is an internationally recognized Expert in the specialized field of Stress Management in public safety/emergency services and military. She provides training seminars and programs focusing on stress management, critical incident response/reactions and the impact of this “lifestyle” on the family. She was married to a Narcotics Agent for over 20 years.