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Under the Shield’s experienced staff has created programs to meet the unique needs of the law enforcement community and respective agencies.

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I’ve attended conferences and heard Susan speak but it wasn’t until I needed her services that I completely grasped what her program is about. Susan and UNDER THE SHIELD don’t just talk a big game, they deliver. I am also a regular user of both the Stress Away and Sleep Away supplements that Susan helped to develop. Susan, Law Enforcement in Alabama miss you, Stay Safe !!!!!!!!!!!

Terry Blankenship

Susan is a life saver in every sense of the word! She has saved many officers, myself included, from the unspeakable horrors that we didn’t understand how to handle on our own

Mickey O’Reilly

Susan has had her hands full with me both from my shooting incident in 2003 and from my personal issues. She has the unique ablity to allow you to see things you never would without her *istance, yet tells you they were there the entire time. We may argues alot of the time but at least you paint the real picture. Thank you for all your help, wisdom, and caring.

Lt. Steve Watkins



To meet the “unique” needs of law enforcement personnel and their family members by providing support through CONFIDENTIAL services, educationand public awareness. Law enforcement personnel statistically lead our society in suicide, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, divorce, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These statistics are indicative of the serious lack of support and resources for law enforcement personnel and their families. Thus, the necessity for the creation of Under the Shield.
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Susan Lewis Simons Susan has provided training seminars and programs since 1994 for various state, local and federal law enforcement agencies focusing on stress management and critical incident response and reactions.
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Instruction and services are provided on an individual, family and/or group basis.  At times, law enforcement personnel require services and support on a variety of levels. Programs of instruction are developed on a client by client basis, with a variety of avenues or options available.
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